Gilly's Chopping Board Oils AND Accessories

Taking care of your cheeseboards and other wooden kitchen utensils is essential, but it is important that you choose the right product. Little Bluebird Designs is proud to be stocking "Gilly's Chopping Board Oils" to help maintain and improve longevity of your beautiful resin cheeseboards, with a choice of three fragrances (Lemon, Orange, Citrus and Beeswax).

Gilly’s Chopping Board Oil’s not only help rejuvenate and protect you cheeseboards, they also have the added benefit of mould-resistance made from 100% natural citrus oils with a wonderful aroma. Regular oiling your cheeseboards is not only beneficial to the wood, it enhances the beauty of the grain.

One of the biggest benefits of oiling, its that a little goes a long way. Clean your cheeseboard with a damp cloth then rub in the oil using a microfibre cloth and your piece is immediately ready for use. The frequency of application for maintenance depends on how often you use the board and its exposure sunlight and temperatures, I recommend once a month.

Key Features:
-Australian Made
-100% natural citrus based oil
-Food safe
-Cleans and restores 
-Delicious Aroma

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