Frequently Asked Questions

Hand Made Disclaimer
All of our products at Little Bluebird Designs are individually handcrafted one at a time, therefore are unique in design and cannot be replicated. There maybe natural blemishes/variations and imperfections that ARE NOT product flaws. The images, descriptions and measurements (and any obvious imperfections) are indicated in the description of each product and have been used to best portray the products listed. When purchasing from our website, you acknowledge the purchasing of a handmade products and fully understand the unique characteristics that are inherent in the manufacturing of hand made products. No refunds will be offered on the basis of an “imperfect” product.

Little Bluebird Designs celebrates the unique nature that come in crafting resin homewares. If you have any queries regarding this please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page.

There are small scratch marks appearing in my homewares.
The homewares are made with an epoxy resin, and when cured (past 7 days), are stable and inert. However when not treated with care, scratches (and even chips) may appear on the surface. Polishing with a microfiber cloth and plastic polish may reduce the appearance of scratch marks, however will not remove them. 

Are you currently doing commission art pieces?
Yes, I am currently taking commission work. Please send me an email with your request.

I missed out on a particular product, can I place an order for the same art piece?
All of my art pieces are a one of a kind, and due to the nature of the resin, art pieces cannot be replicated exactly the same. If you do miss out on a particular product, you are welcome to contact me and I can endeavour to recreate a similar art piece using the same colour and techniques. 

Can I place hot and cold drinks on the coasters?
Yes you can, however I would not suggest placing hot pots directly from the stove on them. 

Where can I install my artwork?
Artwork, such as the clocks, ideally should be installed inside, out of direct sunlight and away from damp areas.

How do I care for my resin decor?
The best way to care for your resin decor is to wipe with a soft damp cloth - avoid detergents. 
DO NOT put the cheeseboards or other wood products in the dishwasher. These homewares are best washed with warm water and when dried, lightly oil with an oil designed for wood cutting boards

I am experiencing an issue with my clock hand movement. 
Rest assure that ALL clocks have be tested for 48 hours to insure the clock movement is perfect prior to shipping. However due to shipping and the nature of clocks with exposed hands, you may encounter an issue where the hands may not move smoothly around the clock. This is easily fixed by adjusting the clock hands to be evenly spaced (not touching each other or the resin surface), there should be no need to unscrew the bolt fixing it in place. If you would like further instruction please contact me. 

Crystallisation in Honey.
The honey supplied in our gift sets is a raw product and therefore is not heat treated. Crystallisation (slight solidification of the honey) may occur and this can be reversed through gentle immersion in warm (not hot) water. 

For more information please visit

DO NOT consume if you normally experience allergic reactions to honey or pollen.  

Sales & Gift Vouchers

From time to time, we offer promotions, sales and discount codes. These are all commenced at the discretion of Little Bluebird Designs. Promotions, sales and discount codes are bound by there terms and conditions and only valid for the duration as indicated. Should you purchase something prior to the availability or commencement of the promotions, sales and discount codes, or after the promotions, sales and discount codes, there is no obligation for Little Bluebird Designs to provide a discount, refund or any other compensation. This includes if you forget to use the code at the checkout. 

***Please note that only one discount code may be used per a single transaction. 


Currently there is a choice of two shipping options.

1. Local pick up from Banksia Grove, Perth WA.  You will receive an email within one business day giving you the availability for collection. If unable to collect you will be given the option to pay the difference for postage.

2. Standard $15 flat rate shipping. Your order will be sent via a road courier and may take up to 10 business days for you to receive your order.  You will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped.

Orders from rural and remote locations may incur an additional fee, please send me an email if you have any concerns if this may apply to you.

(Currently not shipping outside of Australia). 

What is your return policy?
When purchasing please choose carefully. We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.

I will honor a refund or exchange if there is a major issue with the product or if there is visible damage to product in transit (please note; a description of the issue and a photograph of the product will be requested and I will need to be notified within 48hrs of receiving delivery). 

I endeavor to provide each parcel with the highest possible protection to ensure they arrive at there destination in one piece, however if damage occurs to the "Gift Box" of an item this WILL NOT warrant a refund but the recipient may be given a discount code for future purchases. 

In the event of a customer needing to return a product, this will be at the customers expense and will incur a restocking fee for 20% of the purchase price. Any approved refunds (minus shipping cost) will be issued once the product has been shipped back at customers expense.