Whale Serving Board

Whale Serving Board

  • $50.00

"Noah" the Whale serving board is sure to make a statement with its Beach Design!

This beech wood serving board is embellished with white and shades of blue and turquoise resin, with a second layer to give a true beach feel with waves crashing on the sand. 

Serving Board Size: 40cm x 19cm x 1.5cm

These are hand poured products and they may have minor imperfections, please refer to handmade disclaimer in FAQ's.

*** PLEASE NOTE:- the beach design is very popular, and the one pictured is for illustrative purpose only. The product that will be sent, will be similar, but may have unique characteristics to make it a one of a kind product.

Care Guide:-
Little Bluebird homewares are made with an epoxy resin. This product is very durable however if not treated with care, scratches and chips may appear in your homeware.

The resin element on the cheeseboard is for decorative purpose and designed for cold food presentation only. To clean your cheeseboard, wash under warm water and polish with an oil designed for wood cutting boards.

*** All "Little Bluebird" cheeseboards are polished with "Gill's Chopping Board Oil" prior to packaging.